Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VeggieTales at House of Praise!

We've had numerous requests to bring in VeggieTales, but the International label handling the product for the Christian Market has lost their international distribution rights. Alas, no Christian products in the Philippines for this popular series for kids.

I've been trying to convince the label to sell us some toys for our stores. At least, give the kids an alternative to Barney and all those characters our there. After numerous attempts, they finally agreed!

So! Head over to House of Praise Panay, VMall (formerly Virra Mall) and Galleria to check out our new VeggieTales toys and books! Perfect for Christmas!

Playsets, Puzzles, Inflatables, Books, Journals, Sing-Along CD Player, etc. - all from VEGGIETALES!
Happy Christmas Shopping!

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