Friday, November 16, 2012

Around the Bend.

It's that time of the year again, and I must say, I am more excited than ever for Christmas this year (excluding Christmas of 1991 and maybe, 2008). But yes, I can't wait!

I moved the lights in after I took this photo.
I'm thinking about re-decorating it. We'll see...

Our tree is up! I have doubts about it though. We've been leaving the bottom part bare for quite a few years now. Mickey loves the tree, and he gets to the ornaments all the time. This year, we're keeping the lower ornaments extra high because of Katniss (that cat sure knows which things to break). Thankfully, Mickey has outgrown his chewing phase, and is happy with just being able to hang under the tree (off-limits to him last year). I am thinking it needs a revamp.

Mickey has found a spot under the tree.

RL is too excited for Christmas to come. I think he confuses Christmas with his birthday, since he had a big party last year. And he thinks he's going to have another one this year, in spite of many discouraging remarks from his big sis. He was quite disappointed that Halloween didn't come this year. So I suppose he's in for another disappointment when he realizes Santa isn't throwing him a celebration. Alas, mommy may consider a small eat-together for the neighborhood kids (that's 4, if you include A; 6 if you include the two little girls next door who hardly ever come out).

This was actually my mom's Christmas party, then they decided to include RL at the last minute.
Photo courtesy of Dee Choa. Party organized by Mel Menes of Party Time Philippines.

My sole responsibility was taking care of the prizes, the loot bags and this candy buffet!
Photo courtesy of Dee Choa.

In other news, R says he's coming home for the holidays. I wonder how that's going to play out, given that we won't be here end of the year. Oh well, he probably won't notice the difference since he hasn't been around his family for a while. Meanwhile, the kids are excited to be spending winter where it's actually cold.

I think I'm pretty done with Christmas shopping. I still have a few items leftover from last year, so that should cover for extras. The list has gotten pretty long this year, with the folks from church. Which reminds me, I should start stuffing (I got gift bags this year. Wrapping gifts, although something I used to enjoy, just gets too stressful when you're talking about gifts in the hundreds, LOL).

We're taking our annual Christmas photos this weekend. I hope. The kids and I are still sick, so I'm hoping they cooperate. Otherwise, we have to resched.

How are you coming along with your Christmas prep? It's 39 days away! Egad!

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