Monday, November 5, 2012

Of Halloween Past.

My kids didn't get to dress up for Halloween this year, much to their disappointment. RL was ready to haul a year's stash of candies, or so he says, but alas, we went out of town.

I checked out a few pictures posted on FB and on some blogs - of kids dressed up in costumes - and felt a little sad for the kids. Just a tad. So today, I searched through files and files of photos just to reminisce about Halloween. My kids grow up too fast! I have yet to find photos of when A was a toddler (missing two years of Halloween pictures), but here's what I found:

A as a Hershey's Kiss. Halloween 2002.
She actually wore this again the following year and won Best Costume.
I couldn't find a photo of A in her Nala Costume from Halloween 2004.
Nor the photo of her as Little Mermaid from Halloween 2005.
This one was in 2006, I think. With my goddaughter, P, wearing A's old Kiss costume.
A as a Hula x Fairy Princess. Halloween 2007.
Snow White x Vampire. LOL! Just Kidding! Halloween 2008.
My Itsy Bitsy Spider! RL's 1st Halloween.
Busy Little Creepy Crawly. Halloween 2009.
As Tinkerbell. Halloween 2009.
Buzz! Said the Bee called RL! Halloween 2010.
I don't mind scary, I just want candy, Mommy!
At our condo's annual Halloween party. Witch A! Halloween 2010.
My not-so-little princess A and Woody. Halloween 2011.

So how was Halloween for you this year? 

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