Monday, November 19, 2012

Murphy's Law

Well, true to the old adage, everything had to go wrong. With the car, that is. First was Saturday, when I noticed mud on the bumper of my car, Matey (A nicknamed the voiture Matey for Matrix). It was nearing dusk and yet, because I had walked back to tell A to lock the doors while I claimed our tickets for Aladdin, I was quick to notice it. The mud had caked in some parts and yet, after brushing it off, there it was... peeled paint. Someone had obviously hit the back of my car and probably tried concealing the damage with mud. Nyar.

The bump, after I wiped away the mud. Nyar.

Then yesterday, on the way to Greenhills for church, the aircon stopped working. When at first I thought it just needed a little cleaning or maybe a little freon, on the way home last night, I noticed the Temperature Gauge nearing H (for HOT). So yes, maybe I was overheating and I probably forgot to check if my radiator still had water. But no, I remember fueling up Wednesday night and asking the guy to check water and oil.

So this morning, when I took two 2-liter bottles of water to the car, it swallowed it all up and yet, it still wasn't full. Then A noticed a leak near the hose leading to the engine. Great, my radiator sprung a leak.

This afternoon, the shop confirmed it to be so. My car is sick. Just like me. Worse, it needs to be in the shop for a coupl'a days while they find the part (apparently some elbow joint that needed more than a quick fix).

Sometimes, things have to go wrong all the way. Sigh.

How was your weekend?

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