Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Preschool Bento!

RL came home with a circular from school the other day. Apparently, "Nutrition Month" starts next week and the kids will be required to follow a lunch schedule.

Monday: Cereals
Tuesday: Fruits (or any fruit-based food)

Wednesday: Vegetables (fresh or cooked as a viand)
Thursday: Sandwich
Friday: Rice Meal

And here I was thinking the usual Spam (with anything!) would do. Hahaha! Just kidding. Here's what he brought to school so far...

This was when Momma was thinking if she should start imBento-ing for the little boy.
| Tools | Bear Cookie Cutter and Ikea Cupcake Liner.

Hotdog pieces, rice and cookie - just because I wasn't feeling it that day.
| Tools | Sushi Rice Mold, Square Silicone Cup, Pick and Food Divider.

Star-themed imBento - Spam and Cheese Star Sandwiches and Honey Stars Cereal.
| Tools | Star Cookie Cutter and Mini Alphabet Cutter.

I thought he'd want more because he ate up the last imBento.
He didn't. LOL!
| Tools | Multi-size Heart Cookie Cutter, Mini Alphabet Cutter and Picks.

Cereal Day imBento: Cocoa Flakes, Honey Stars with Milk and a Cookie.
| Tools | Square Silicone Cups, Sauce Bottle and Mini Spoon.

Fruits Day: Banana Slices, Diced Fuji Apple + squeeze of Lemon,
Grapes and Strawberry Yogurt.
| Tools | Frog Bento Food Silicone Cup, Picks and Mini Spoon. 

And today's imBento for Veggie Day: Fresh Carrot Shapes and Broccoli with Caesar Dressing,
Sweet Corn Kernels.
| Tools | Mini Shape Cutter, Square Silicone Cup, Chick Food Silicone Cup, Picks and Mini Spoon.

I hope I don't get tired of making these for the little boy. Historically, I get tired after a month or so. Hehe. But it should be easier since preschoolers are so easy to please. I don't think I'd be waking up again at 430am just to make A one. Hahaha! Oops. Oh well, we'll see. Wish me luck! LOL!

How about you? Are you into making bento (imBento!) meals for your little preschooler, too? 

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  1. And this is the reason why I'm going to start my imbento. Gwen's school is also celebrating Nutrition Month. Buti na lang MWF lang ang sa akin, tapos Friday is rice day. :D


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