Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School Boy!

This is it, I guess. The start of a new season in my life. I can't believe my little baby has started school. Okay, okay, four isn't exactly baby age, but sigh... time flew.

I guess it's true - time flies when you're having fun. But where did those four years go? Didn't I just give birth yesterday? When you think about it, we actually went through a lot since RL was born. And yet, aside from the fact that I probably have more gray hair than I would want to grow, life wasn't so difficult. And yes, the kids and I had fun - more than when R was still with us.

My tiny little newborn.

What are you looking at?

Momma, si ate o!

First birthday!

Bible bearer for his Ninang's wedding.


Playing navigator in Singapore...

Modeling for GetBlued!

RL started school last week! We had to prep him for this. He is so attached to me, and we were afraid he wouldn't adjust well to school. So to get him ready for the school year, we had him attend Art and Science classes at Gymboree; join Children's Theatre at Trumpets, and take swim classes at the village pool.

RL played Robin Red Breast for his Trumpets showcase.

First day of school was Thursday. KY and I took him to class, and he just walked away from us. Yes, just like that. He didn't even look back. So we didn't even get to take photos of him in school, save for that photo of him holding the teacher's hand and walking away from us. Sob! Momma has the case of separation anxiety!

My little school boy! SOB! 

And he didn't even cry! I remember crying 'til I was in 3rd Grade! Yes, I am a certified crybaby! LOL!

I can't believe we're here! My little boy is now a school boy! 

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