Thursday, June 13, 2013

Let McDonald's Spice Up Your Day!

Guess what's unveiling at McDonald's today! 

McDonald's Philippines finally launches the McSpicy - the freshest and most exciting addition to the well-loved McDonald's menu! Yay! It's here!

Ronald wants you to get spiced up!

I remember trying the McSpicy in Singapore and in HongKong. And although I remember it being a tad too spicy for me, it's a great sandwich that's guaranteed to hit the spot for lovers of spicy food. The good news is, McDonald's Philippines has adjusted the recipe for the Philippine version of the McSpicy, and I must say, its blend of flavors is just right for Pinoys.

Modeling the McSpicy. Hehe. 

Introducing the NEW! McSpicy! Yes, it is chicken spiced right! Nom!

A and I were given the chance to try the local version of the McSpicy, and we both loved it! Think 100% juicy whole chicken meat that is seasoned with just the right amount of choice spices, topped with fresh crunchy lettuce and flavorful dressing, all in a perfectly toasted sesame seed bun. Mmmmmm... Just typing this is making my tummy grumble, and I am writing this at midnight (in time for the launch!).

What goes into your McSpicy...

See how big that whole chicken meat is? The McSpicy hits the spot!

My McSpicy Value Meal - "Make it Medium!"

If you're up for a foodie adventure, break away from that favorite Cheeseburger or Quarter Pounder (or the Big N' Tasty!) and try the NEW! McSpicy! I am telling you, it is a sandwich like no other, and it comes with a kick - enough to wake up those taste buds!

PLUS! It launches today! TODAY! The 13th of June, 2013! So head on over to McDonald's and allow the McSpicy to spice up your day (yes, pun there, but you get my point).

Get Spiced Up with the NEW! McSpicy today! Only at McDonald's.

McSpicy (ala carte): P80.00
McSpicy Value Meal: P115.00
Make It Medium: P135.00

Let the NEW! McSpicy turn that dull day around! GET SPICED UP TODAY!

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