Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Carrot Fantasy Walkthroughs?

I have a couple on draft and will post them soon! I'm done with the new levels - have been since Day 3 (after the last update), actually. BUT! I have been playing Level 33 everyday since then, and the randomness of the hidden towers irritates me to no end! It takes about a dozen tries (or more) for the right towers to appear. Otherwise, the wrong towers are sure to let those pests get to the carrot. So far, I've probably gotten Golden Carrot about two dozen times only. Yes, since the update! Argh! So frustrating.

So if you're looking for a Level 33 walkthrough, I still need the right permutations. There could be a better way! So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, those other levels already have walkthroughs, and they're coming out soon!

| Need a walkthrough? Post your request and leave a comment!


  1. Hi! Can request walkthroughs for extreme 30 & 31? I've passed all levels but i'm craving for the golden carrot! Thank you in advance! (^^.)v
    By the way, your extreme 19 walkthrough helped me A LOT! Thanks soooo much!

  2. Heya. Thanks for all the walkthroughs posted! You're awesome! Was wondering if you have one for deep sea 10. I know it's a long time back but I am stuck on it. Would appreciate any help on this!

  3. Hi folks! I know you're all waiting for those walkthroughs. BUT my grandmother passed away yesterday. :'( So I won't get to those walkthroughs just yet. Maybe this coming week.

  4. Sorry to hear that.. my condolences and please take care.

  5. Could you please do a walk through of carrot fantasy deep sea level 16? I have been stuck for over a week :)

  6. Kris Ty: I too was stuck forever, but I just beat it and the key is rockets, lots of rockets- one next to the fire cannon up top, I replaced both suns with cannons, added two more on the left hand side, and replaced one of the mushrooms with a rocket. The main slowing towers were a freezing star in the middle (replacing one of the poisons) and the mushroom at the bottom. Near the end I added to more freezing stars at the top (at the beginning and next to the electric purple tower). Good luck!

  7. I desperately need a walkthrough for level 55 please! !!!! Its been 2 months I can't beat it! !!lol


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