Monday, July 15, 2013


Why, hello there! I'm alive. In case you've been wondering. Here's a short life update, and an approximation of when to expect me back on the blog. Haha! Yes, I am on hiatus, but only for a few more days.

I am currently in the middle of cleaning the house. My nanny's kids are back (she drove her cousin-in-law away over the weekend, so I have had to open my home to her two daughters again). Yes, AGAIN! I cannot say how stressed I am with the idea, but you know how it is better to choose the lesser evil? Well, this, right now, is the lesser evil. I am choosing the two kids over hiring a new nanny I do not trust. So yes, I am praying God fixes this situation soon. Meanwhile, I have this itch to start homeschooling the girls. You know, to keep them busy so their mom gets to work.

My neighbor's son has been infected with the Dengue virus. And according to my other neighbor, a nun across the street (we live right across a home run by nuns) has it, too. So I am filled with panic and paranoia. We are cleaning house this week! I am tempted to stay home tomorrow just to clean (or maybe on Wednesday when I'm coded) and declutter.

R was home a couple of weeks ago. Yes, R. I think I made a few wrong turns there, and we both ended up sorry the visit ever happened. RL somehow thinks his dad is this angry man, so he's been refusing to talk to his dad for over a week now. Sigh.

Meanwhile, A received an award for her excellent performance in school last year. I was going to post a photo, but couldn't edit out her full name so raincheck on the picture! Hehe.

My little boy has been enjoying school so far. His teacher says he is able to make friends easily, and likes one girl in particular. Ay-yah!

He loves school! No longer a baby! :'(

So remember my last post? Well, I'm still at it. Blame it on my group of bentoholics. LOL! And I'm actually starting a new blog (please stay tuned) featuring just that - BENTO. I already have a new Instagram account up and running for it, actually: MOMMA_MAKES_IMBENTO.

Here are a few of my recent attempts at making Charaben/Kyaraben.

Veggie Wednesday:
Minion Pesto Bread, Pesto Pasta, Broccoli and Caesar Dressing. 

Sandwich Thursday:
Cheese and Spam Bee-wiches and Hotdog Flowers.

Made this for A when RL didn't have school one Friday.
Nutella Hello Kitty Sandwich, Oreo Cookies and Lemon-drizzled Bananas with a Biscoff dip.

Fruit Tuesday:
Mango Yellow Angry Bird, Red Angry Bird and Rainbow Pancakes with Clara Ole Syrup,
and a Kiwi Minion Pig!

Veggie Wednesday:
Chicken and Mixed Veggie Stir-fry with Rice and a Gouda Cheese Triangle.

Stay tuned for that new blog address!

I was supposed to post walkthroughs two weeks ago (I've had them on draft for over a week now!) Alas, the new update meant easier Extreme levels! So yes, my walkthroughs are different from actual play now. I wonder, do you still need them? The levels aren't as hard as when the new ones first came out.


So yep, I've been pretty busy lately. But I did take one Bored Mama Day to hang out with friends down south. I wanna be a "Bored Mama". Sadly, I don't think that's ever gonna happen. LOL!

See you when I get back to the blog by the weekend!


  1. You are amazing with those bento meals. I wish you'd sell those. I'd be a customer.

  2. may i ask where you get those items to make the hello kitty nutella sandwich and the angry birds among others? i don't cook but i got very interested in the pictures that i want to make them myself too for my kids.

    it's so pretty, your creations, i'm sure the kids eat all the more bec of your food styling.

  3. Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting! Do follow my new Instagram account @momma_makes_imbento to see my other bento work.

    The Hello Kitty sandwich press is from Toys R Us in Korea. The Angry Birds I made on my own using pancake mix. :) I hope that helps!


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