Monday, July 29, 2013

Mustaches and Musings: Smurfs!


My mom took me and my little brother RL out to McDonald's Saturday morning. We attended an event because McDonald's came out with their NEW! Smurf's Happy Meal. My brother and I like collecting the toys from McDonald's Happy Meals. We were trying to collect all the Minions, but my mom said the stores sold out in just a week!

So for this new Happy Meal toy, my brother and I made a deal that we were going to collect all twelve Smurfs! Last Saturday, we completed our set!

Meet the Smurfs and get to know what each Smurf toy can do...

Papa Smurf sits on a saucer with pull-back action. Pull him back and watch him speed and spin along.

Wind up Greedy and his arms swing. His hips also rock in a "butter churn" dance move.

Baker doesn't do anything. He's a rubber figure holding a rolling pin, but makes a perfect gift for bakers!

Jokey is my brother's favorite Smurf. He plays with him the most. That's because he's in a ball and he loves rolling him across the floor.

Hefty is the Smurf who is doing a hand stand. You wind him up, and he starts walking on his hands.

Like Baker, Handy doesn't do anything. He is also a rubber figure. He holds a hammer and a tool box. I gave him to my mom because she is a Handy Mommy!

Smurfette is my kind of girl. She is brave! Push the lever on her back and her arms join together in front, like she is casting a magic spell.

Clumsy is my favorite Smurf. That's because he lights up! Press a button on his back and he glows blue! 

Now Vexy is also one cool gal. Press her back and she spins the spoon like a pro.

Wind up Brainy and he walks while reading. Such a nerd!

My brother also likes Crazy. That's because his party hat is also a mini horn. Blow into it, and it makes a whistle sound. Honk!

Hackus makes a cool pen hugger. Push on his shoulders to open his arms up, and he's ready for a hug!

Are you collecting these Smurfs, too? Hurry and collect all twelve before they go out of stock at McDonald's!!

Don't wait until it's too late to complete a set! Complete it today.

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  1. Hi, Alexa. If I had known that those Smurf toys were action figures, I would have gone to eat happy meals to complete a set for my kiddos. sigh! I heard that they ran out of these toys though. Anyway, good article! :)


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