Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Sharing with you snippets from my Notes app on the phone. I tend to type down my thoughts when I don't have enough time to blog. RL had exams the past week, and this Momma's hands have been tied with a ton of things to do. And there are tough days, as most of you would know. But then, there are also good ones. This was from one of those bad turned good days. Yesterday, I was once again reminded that God is in charge regardless of our circumstances. Whenever there are days He seems absent and quiet, I have learned that trying times exist because He wants to show you He is God. So be thankful for the bumps, He's got you covered.

So this morning, yaya told me A had lost her wallet. The wallet had P3,000+ as she was supposed to pay her club fees last week (but couldn't because of time constraints and the long queue).

My initial reaction was true to yaya's threat to A right before she left for school: "Nako, hanapin mo yan, magagalit mommy mo!"

I was angry, and frustrated. I actually typed angry words as I started composing a message to A on Messenger. Then I stopped. Caught myself and prayed. I have been praying for a change in my relationship with A (we've hit snags through the years, and aren't exactly friendliest of friends - teenagers!). This morning, God reminded me of His unconditional love and never-ending grace. So I took back my words, and instead typed "...I pray God helps you find your wallet intact. I love you."

That was at 11 AM, and A replied to let me know she has searched everywhere to no avail.

Money can be replaced, but a child lost to anger is a child lost forever. I struggled to hold my tongue, as I prayed for God to lead me so my words come out right.

This evening, as I walked in the house, A tells me she found her wallet at the Lost and Found over lunch (even though she had gone to check all Lost and Found nooks earlier this morning). "But when I messaged you, you said you already checked!", I quipped.

She did. But after lunch, for some reason, she decided to check again. And there it was.

So yes, I know this was a Mommy lesson, in as much as it was a responsibility reminder for A. I know that the Lord is fixing my heart, and I am thankful He isn't done with me. Because, man, I know I have so much more to learn.

Makes you realize that we also have to be thankful when problems come our way. Our initial reactions are human reactions. I pray I learn to turn to God first when trials come. I pray I will always react with grace at first instance.

PS. Dear cheekeegirl, sorry! Had to redo this post as something wasn't right. Didn't realize your comment didn't go through as it was on the previous one. So, publishing it here nalang. ;)

"OMG! I am touched with this experience you had. It's like me. That I need to watch my words and actions on certain situations. Thank you for sharing." - cheekeegirl

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