Friday, August 12, 2016


The kids and I have been pretty busy - what with RL's exam week and all the activities we've had to do with BentoMommas. So glad we got to spend some time together as a family right before it got all busy - THANKS TO BIOGENIC ALCOHOL!

RL is about to launch his very own YouTube Channel, so I thought it was apt that we did a mini-vlog for this event. Excuse the newbie, I need a lot of practice!

So basically, Biogenic put up a mini-theme park of sorts for the kids, and provided their cleaning, disinfecting, bacteria-killing and moisturizing alcohol all throughout the event to ensure parents that it is okay for kids to get a bit dirty because Biogenic is there to help!

RL features this in his video below. Please make sure you give him a thumbs up on YouTube!

And yes, as RL pointed out, he wasn't the only one who enjoyed the event. Momma got to catch appropriate talks by Biogenic Brand Ambassadors, Jackie and Nikki.

Jackie talked about how moms can and must get some ME-TIME in their lives - something I have recently learned to actually make time for. And yes, because SHOPPING (!!!) is on the list (the hoarder in me rejoices, LOL).

Yes, Mommas, give yourselves a break. YOU.NEED.IT.

Make time for ME-TIME.

Train your mind that you need this to balance your life. No need to feel guilty, Mommas!

Look! ME-TIME includes Shopping! Woohoo!

Nikki gave us tips on how to bond with the kids, in spite of our busy schedules.

The struggle is real. I struggle with all three points. Ouch.

Well, there's a major idea for bonding time - clean the house. Hehe... Yoohoo, kids!

Nikki stresses the importance of spending time with the kids as they are only young for a short time.

Overall, the kids and I had fun. Plus I got to see my girl friends, Cai and Didi, too! Thank you, Biogenic, for a Sunday well-spent!

We love Biogenic!!!

It's a germ-free world with Biogenic Alcohol! It kills bacteria, disinfects, cleans and moisturizes. Comes in different sizes to suit your needs.



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