Tuesday, August 2, 2016


People, I haven't been blogging. I took a break from everything. As in everything. Even BentoMommas took a back seat, and I closed my kitchen for three whole months. Imagine that! I needed a breather. And yet, a breather I did not get.

Took two wrong turns in life, and found myself drowning in self-pity and what-not. But you know, God is good. His grace is forever sufficient, and today, I know exactly why those events had to happen.

So anyway, I am was AWOL. But you are hearing from me today, because I miss writing. I took an almost two-week trip to Sydney last month. Attended the Hillsong Conference and nursed a bad back. Came home with a cold, and a very bad case of acid reflux and IBS. Ouch.

Hillsong Church!

Day 2 of Conference!

Baking at home with my honorary godson, Marcus. Thanks, Maris, for this photo.

Obviously unwell, but loved bonding with KY.

But all is well and yes, I am eating well again. Oops. Today, I got back to BentoMomma duties, and I must say I am a tad rustyyyyy.

Back to bento-making. This one is a Pinkie Pie party for Katniss!

It's been pretty busy at work, and I need to prioritize. Unfortunately, the blog has been on the receiving end of time deprivation. :(

I hope you check back from time to time. And while you're at it, I hope you take time to follow my page on Facebook (and stay updated!).

See you around, Mate!

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