Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Little Pony at McDonald's!

Look, kids! My Little Pony is back at McDonald's! I... er... my daughter A is soooo excited (in case I haven't told you yet, she collects Littlest Pet Shop toys and includes My Little Pony to the bunch, hehe). Yesterday, the little boy went to McDonald's to take home dinner. When he got home, he proudly announced that he got himself a Happy Meal (because there's a new set available). He mentioned My Little Pony, so I expected My Little Pony, only to find out that he chose a 2-in-1 Bandai vehicle (of course!).

Bandai School Bus/Fire Engine!
Excuse the sticker placements, RL couldn't wait for me to stick them on, so he did it himself.

So yes, folks! My Little Pony is back! And for boys, there's this new set of Bandai 2-in-1 vehicles with keys that make them go.

Collect all 8! Get a toy with every Happy Meal you buy! Truly #Happinessinabox! 

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