Thursday, May 8, 2014


I took RL with me to do the groceries last night. On our way to check out, we passed by the mass display of Johnson's Baby. He pointed out the new Johnson's Baby Active Fresh baby powder and this conversation ensued:

RL: "Mommy, we should buy the new powder, because it's so hot in the house."
K: "But you still have powder at home."
RL: "But this new one is nice. I always get pawis kasi."
K: "What's so special with this powder?"
RL: "You put it on my neck, so that when my pawis touches the powder, sasabog ang bango!"

LOL! Isa lang masasabi ko: effective ang commercial! May retention sa bata. Hahaha! Sasabog ang bango sa bagong Johnson's Baby Active Fresh baby powder.

PS. This isn't a paid ad, and yes, it really happened. 

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