Thursday, May 8, 2014

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Giveaway!

When my siblings and I were kids, our mom made it a point to fill up our summer vacations. I'm telling you, our days were packed! We went from music lessons (piano, guitar, voice, drums, etc) to art classes, swimming lessons, basketball clinic and yes, even Reading Dynamics! I remember just being dragged out of the house everyday to reading comprehension classes in Greenhills. Yes, those were the days.

There was a time, however, when we'd spend the early part of summer in Baguio for youth camp. I always dreaded the bus ride up the mountain - I always got sick. But everything would be okay once we reached the summer capital! Summers in Baguio were always fun! We'd pick seeds from wilting flowers (to plant back home) and gather pine needles, pretend it was hay, and make a bed just like the one Heide's grandpapa did in the cartoon. We'd ask for food from the commissary, even when rules were no snacks in between. We'd sneak out of camp to go to Maharlika to shop. Yes, those were indeed memorable summers.

One of those trips to Baguio. With my brother KM and cousin A.

When I finally had kids of my own, I found myself wanting to do the same! LOL! There must be better things to do than slothing off the summer.

Last month, RL had the chance to join McDonald's Kiddie Crew! We were among the first ones to register at the new franchised McDonald's Don Antonio store. While at first, RL needed a bit of prodding and convincing, he actually loved the experience, especially since he got to try everything first-hand at his favorite fast food joint!

When the five-day program was over, he actually asked me if he could join again. Our nanny is currently on vacation, and I am actually considering another stint at McDonald's before the month ends. McDonald's Kiddie Crew, now on it's 22nd year, runs until the last week of May. Last day of registration has been extended until May 25, so you actually still have time to get your kids to try out being part of McDonald's.

Are you looking for activities for your kid? Here's good news for you! 

McDonald's is giving out a Kiddie Crew Kit to four (4) blessed readers of The First Wives Club blog. It's so easy to join, but you must make sure that your child (son/ daughter/ nephew/ niece/ sibling) qualifies first.

Your child must be:

  • ... between the ages of 6 - 12 years old.
  • ... from NCR.
  • ... be available to join the workshop on May 19 to 23 in their preferred store.


  1. Follow the steps on Rafflecopter below.
  2. Leave a blog post comment. This is the most important entry you shouldn't miss. You have to share your favorite childhood summer experience in order to join this giveaway. The other entry options are optional. But doing them will gain you additional entries (yay!). 
  3. You may only join this giveaway (on this blog) once. No multiple entries using your different accounts please.
  4. If your whole family is joining the promo, please make sure that your shared posts are made separately on all accounts. You may not post the link to one sole shared post and expect them to qualify. 
  5. The giveaway will run until 11:59PM of Saturday, May 10.
  6. Winners will be picked via Rafflecopter, and will be announced on May 14. Winners will also be notified via the email address they provided when logging on to Rafflecopter.
  7. Again, winners' kids must be available to join their respective workshops on May 19 to 23. Dates will not be adjusted so make sure your kids are available that week

Don't forget! Your child must qualify first, so do read 'Qualifications' first before joining this promo! Good luck!

PS. I know I've been behind on my weekly giveaways, so I'm making it up to you with this 4-winner giveaway! Hehe. Sorry, been really busy at work!


  1. My most memorable summer vacation as a child was during one of our trips to Bacolod. We stayed in my Uncle's house where there's a fish pond in front of their house. One day, as I was trying to reach for a flower by the pond, I accidentally fell into it where I almost swallowed a gold fish. Everyone laughed at me. At first, I felt embarrassed but ended up laughing at my self, as well.

  2. Favorite childhood summer experience would be our big family trips. We're about 60 in the family and it's always a fun caravan because we love road trips. I still remember the feeling of being at the beach when I smell inihaw :D

  3. flying kites on rice fields with friends!

  4. My favorite summer vacation as a child was during our stay in my grand-mom's house at Lingayen Pangasinan. My brother and I stay there for a couple of months. The beach is nearby their house. I had a great time with my cousins.

  5. I have lots of memorable childhood summer vacations but my favorite is our annual trips to National Arts and Colleges which we do until now. My kids now consider it as their favorite annual getaway.

  6. My childhood is way too long ago but I will never forget our street games where i usually win or lead a group; picking of fresh fruits from aged old trees that has never been sprayed on with any chemical; bathing in clean rivers; and having fun with friends and not machines (or gadgets).

  7. my fave was when my cousins and I had nothing in particular to do so we raided each of our houses and set up an impromptu garage sale (picnic style) on the gardened sidewalk of our street. We sold clothes, shoes and other household stuff. None of the adults knew. My mom was surprised to see a little girl walking along one of the streets one time wearing a gown the same as one she bought for me. My bro sold it for 10pesos! But the selling stopped when my uncle discovered he was losing his Bally dress shoes which fortunately, one of our employees bought for less than 100. My uncle recovered it :p that was the end of our summer entrepreneur experience :)

  8. My favorite childhood memory would always be easter egg hunt.

  9. The most fun part of my summer vacation is actually staying in Baguio City with my mom's relatives. We would go to Burnham park and ride our rented bikes, enjoy paddling in the lagoon and roller skating in the skating rink.

  10. Rosalyn Tiu
    My favorite childhood experience is climbing trees and our roof. I really don't understand why but during my pre-teens, I enjoyed climbing our neighbor's tree and sitting on its branches while gazing at the activity below. I also love sitting on our roof (there was a veranda adjacent that makes it easy to climb into the roof) while reading Archie. Those were the days I really miss - no responsibilities and cares in the world!


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