Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This Month at McDonald's... #HappinessInABox

Taking a quick break from work, because I haven't contributed to this blog in weeks! I have a lot of pending posts, but I am writing this because it's a quickie. Hehe. 

I was driving past McDonald's today, when I noticed they changed their Happy Meal billboard announcement. Yay, Furby and TMNT for this month's Happy Meal! So I made a quick detour to get myself breakfast - only... they ran out of hotcakes early, so I opted for McNuggets (good thing they started cooking these early - didn't want the rice meal because I had brought lunch to work).

Furby and TMNT at McDonald's!

Was a tad disappointed that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys didn't have the actual figurines. These are actually mini finger skateboards with TMNT designs (similar to the popular Tech Deck) and ramps. I'm sure Tech Deck fans will go crazy. So I opted for Furby.

To tell you honestly, I am not so much a Furby fan. My kids are into it, but I have my prejudices, given my family history with Furby toys. LOL! My brothers and I own two of the classic Furby toys. Both of which found their place deep inside our toy closet because they were just too noisy. Hahaha, seriously, they would wake up in the middle of the night and chat away. Pretty freaky too, given that you made sure they went to sleep inside the dark closet. Oh well. The new ones seem okay. And the ones at McDonald's are pretty safe. Haha!

Bright Eyes Furby in purple - A's fave color!

So yeah, I am excited to bring this home to A - who loves Furby. It would have been perfect if these were made out of plush. Hehehe.

Collect them all! 

Catch Furby Boom! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at McDonald's this month. Get a toy with every Happy Meal you buy!

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