Friday, July 18, 2014

#LYSOLGiveaway Winner!

Sorry, this announcement  for my LysolPH Giveaway comes a day late. We are still here in the hospital. The good news is... the pedia says if RL's platelet count goes up to 170K+ normal levels (right now, it is up to 130K from 117K) by tomorrow morning's CBC, we can go home! Woohoo!

Anyway, I had Yaya J lug my laptop to the hospital the other night. Didn't get to do much work though since RL was being really needy. Personal nurse ang peg, pero dapat naman talaga diba? So yes, back to the announcement. Sorry, late!



Michelle, I will send you a DM on Twitter. Send me your shipping details. Or let me know if you will be in the ABS-CBN area - you live near lang diba? And maybe we can meet up. Hehe!

Again, congratulations! Thank you to everyone who joined this giveaway hosted by LysolPH!


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