Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tracker Sees You.

whether you google or yahoo or use whatever search engine, or go directly to my blog... my tracker sees you.

whether you use the search parameters: Richard Catral, Richard Tarugs, Richard blahblahblah, AC (at talagang nandamay pa ng bata!), KC, and so on... my tracker sees you.

whether you switch net providers, or laptops, etc... my tracker sees you.

whether you log in from the Philippines, San Francisco, Hayward, Texas, Bohol, etc... my tracker still sees you.

what's my point?

the tracker tracks you from the time you first visit my blog. it knows exactly who you are. where you are. what your digits are. what your ip address is. etc. etc. etc.

now. the question here is: do you want me to post your id so the whole world may know who you are? regardless, God knows exactly who you are and what your heart feels. He knows exactly what you are thinking of this very minute. you may be able to fool the people around you, you may be able to hide your identity from others (because i am not of the same homewrecking, desperate-type that you are), but GOD KNOWS.

His vengeance is more powerful than mine and other wives combined. i may not understand why you choose to go down that path. you deserve a man who is free. a man who will not lie to you. a man who will not label you as EMERALD SABRINA, SLIMMERS DIANE, PIEDRA MAY, or what-have-you... (he has to label you with the place he first met you, because aside from numbers, my husband is very bad with names). so if i were you, i'd think twice before heading towards a future that includes hell in your itinerary. God bless you all.

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