Sunday, May 17, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | A Lex N Go Bento Afternoon!

Right before the Easter holidays, I got a special invite from my good friend Janice to catch Kat Maderazo (also known to many Bento enthusiasts as @bentobykat) teach her very first Bento class. It was a special event for Lex N Go - Kat's bento box of choice. Being a BentoMomma myself, I was excited to see Kat and support her first endeavor in actually teaching the craft.

That Saturday, however, I was teaching a class as well at Global Culinary Academy. So after my portion of the class (thank you, Moneigh, for taking over!), I rushed to the Powerplant Mall to catch the Lex N Go event at Common Thread.

Kat was already teaching when I got there. Oops. But my dear friend Michelle sent me photos from earlier, and even briefed me through the steps I missed.

@bentobykat herself! I am such a fan! xx This Bento Mom has taken Bento-making to a whole new level!

My seatmates - Em and Rowena... Thank you, Row, for sharing your scraps with me! 

Each participant was given a Lex N Go Snack Box and a pack of Lexliving Silicone Cake cups. The goal was to fill the box with rice and a viand, then decorate it with sides of veggies and fruit.

This small Lex N Go Snack Box retails for P500.00 at Common Thread.

My Nori rice ball cat inside the Lex N Go silicone collapsible Snack Box!
Green! Perfect for RL!

Albeit coming late, I managed to catch up with the class. Hehe. I haven't tried using Lex N Go boxes before their official launch, but already, I am loving their boxes!

My fave feature of the Lex N Go, aside from it being BPA-free, is that it is flexible and collapsible. I love that I can shrink or expand the box to size. Yes! According to how big and bulging my bentos are! Take the cat I made for Kat's class as an example. I made it round and plump. There is no way that would fit in a regular bento box! But look, it fits perfectly inside the Lex N Go. No squishy mess!

Mish captures a photo of me - taking a photo of my work.
Using my old iPhone here, because the screen of my new one cracked the day before.

Lex N Go boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and functions. There is the Small Snack Box, the Medium Snack Box, the Lunch Box, the Sandwich Case, and the Cake Case. They also carry other collapsible silicone items such as the Silicone Mugs, the Espresso Cup, the Snack Pockets, and the Silicone Cake cups.

From Top Left, clockwise: Lex N Go Espresso Cup, Silicone Mug, Lunch Box (in the Gouache Lunch Bag), and a stack of Small Snack Boxes.

Lex N Go products are exclusively available at Common Thread Philippines - with branches at Greenbelt 5 and at the Powerplant Mall.

Common Thread also carries the classy Gouache Lunch Bag! Gouache Bags are made out of waxed canvas and are individually crafted by Marikina Bag Makers! Yes, proudly Philippine-made! The Lunch Bags are water-repellent, and are available in asphalt grey, olive green, navy blue and aqua. I love how this is a sling bag, too!

I am loving my new Gouache Navy Blue Lunch Bag! The Lex N Go Snack Box fits perfectly!
The Gouache Lunch Bag retails for P750.

Kat, distributor of Lex N Go products, details the features of the box.

We take a photo with adorable little Maximus! (L-R) With Rowena, Mish and Em!

Mish and I with the two Kats who made this event happen!

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