Monday, September 19, 2016


I had the privilege of meeting my favorite daily vloggers a few weeks ago. I had won a trip to the US for VidCon, but unfortunately could not go. KY went instead, and got to have lunch with Judy and Benji Travis of itsjudyslife. This was back in June.

Early last month, I received an email from Judy telling me that they were flying over for work with Convoy of Hope - the charity they had supported for Dancember, and that there was a slight chance we could meet!

Of course I was excited. But since this wasn't a sure thing, I had to keep mum about it, and only told my girls.

Judy and Benji Travis have been running Dancember, a seasonal fundraiser to give back to community, from their home garage for the past 7 years or so. Last year, their chosen charity was Convoy of Hope - an organization that helps feed street kids in the Philippines and other parts of the world. The Travis couple flew in to check on the progress of one of their projects in Iloilo.

After their trip, Judy happened to show their eldest daughter, Julianna, who will soon be 4, a video of the kids they were helping at Convoy of Hope. This is the video below.

As a parent, it warms my heart to see Julianna's compassion for these kids. Because I am tuned in to their daily vlogs, I see how Judy and Benji try to raise compassionate kids, and how they make it a point to stress the importance of sharing. I often wonder how my own kids would react to something like this.

A few weeks ago, for Linggo Ng Wika, RL came home to tell us this story.

RL, as Senator Manny Pacquiao for Linggo Ng Wika Day.

RL: "Mom, my friend Carlos came to school wearing a vest. He had no other shirt inside and the kids were making fun of him."
KAYE: "Awww. Did he cry?"
RL: "No, because I spoke to my classmates and told them to put themselves in Carlos' place. What if their moms made them wear an Igorot costume, and they had no inner shirt. And then their classmates would laugh at them. How would they feel?"
K: "Then, what happened?"
RL: "Then no one laughed anymore."

Parenting is hard work. But with kids like these, I guess we are doing something right.

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  1. I love Judy and Benjie and the kids too! I watched that video and was teary eyed. So sweet ng bagets! Gusto nya ibigay lahat ng gamit nya!



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