Saturday, July 3, 2010

July Already???!

Wow. It's July already! How fast! I still remember how it was when I was a kid, how I wished time would speed up a little. Now, it just flies. Zooms past when your minding your biz, and wooosh, you're nearing your thunder age. :P

WARNING: This is a blah-blah-blah post.

I took A to two VTRs/ Casting Calls today. Never thought it'd be soooooo tiring. I didn't have a nanny today (it's her off day) so I had to take the little one with us. We waited a good 5 hours for the second one! The place was buzzing with kids! I spoke with a few moms waiting for their kids' turn and learned that they do this almost every week! Whatttt??? Where do you find the energy?

A's coming out in a magazine sometime this month. She's been pretty excited lately, and would ask the magazine shop below Kid's Church if the particular issue's out already. Haha! I guess she was too young when the other issues came out to even remember or get excited.


Over 9 months ago, I booked a trip to the homeland for the 3 of us. Yep, 9 months ago and the trip happens this week. I am actually anxious. It'll be the first time for me to travel with the two kids alone. Last year, I took them to the homeland with A's nanny of 7 years (we all know she got pregnant again and left us around November of last year). Then on another trip (the one when 'the news' came out) was with my folks and sibs. So yea, anxious (hehe, no extra nannies on hand).

But RL's been pretty behaved lately. In fact, he has developed a liking for his stroller. He absolutely HATED it last year. But this year, he thinks it's some sort of a ride. So we're taking a lightweight one. I just hope it holds his weight for the next two weeks.


Ah! Lotsa things to do, and yet so little time. My upcoming week's packed with meetings! Yup, last minute stuff I need to get done before heading on that vacay. I just hope I survive.

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