Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Some of my relatives and friends have been snooping around and minding MY business, especially when it comes to what I do for my kids. I have an aunt, who, upon seeing the playhouse my kids had at home, exclaimed at how I buy useless stuff. I mean, what does she care??? She buys her grandkids expensive stuff too! I just want my kids to have a happy childhood, given the holes I have to fill. And it's not like I buy them material things to make up for my absence. I just want my kids to have the best childhood I can give them - similar to what I had growing up.

But then of course, my status in life prohibits me to spend much. So I sacrifice a lot of MY needs, desires, etc just so I can provide better things for them.

Take for example our yearly vacation. We literally save up for the vacay every year. My kids haven't had birthday parties (A's has been postponed forever) and they don't even get really nice Christmas presents because they know we save up for something BIG each year. And they really look forward to those yearly trips. It's not like I take them to Europe or to the US! I just bring them somewhere special each year (hello, the province can be special!) So anyway, tongues have been wagging about how I spend for vacations like I was rich! Hello???!!!!

Grr... why don't you just mind your own business! You don't even know half of my life story. Besides, I bet if you were in my shoes... well, you'll never be in my shoes, so stay o your side of the fence, will you?

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