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Field Trip: Logos Hope - The World's Largest Floating Book Fair!

Do you remember taking trips to MV Doulos and buying tons of books? I do! So I couldn't help but feel sad when I heard of its last voyage and visit to the Philippines. Visits to MV Doulos have been more of a tradition in our family. My mom has been taking us since "forever", and now, I've been taking my kids.

The Logos Hope at 10pm on Friday, the 17th of February 2012.
So when Pastor O handed me a flyer announcing the arrival of Logos Hope, I was just too eager to go. We went on its first day. RL, the nanny and I picked A up from school, since she had a field trip Friday. And braved the traffic to South Harbor (took us almost two hours from Katipunan). But it was worth the trip.

Blurry Pic. You have to keep walking up the plank.
It was drizzling that evening. RL only too excited to get on a real ship.
The ladies behind us were there to attend a talk.
A hates having her photo taken. Here, watching the orientation.
You must watch this first, before entering the book shop.
This guy says so. My kids were about to make a dash for it.
Nice boat-like pews. You have to sit and watch. Nice floors no?
We got to Pier 15 at close to 8pm. We were the only ones to watch the orientation (a new feature pre-req before you can enter the bookshop). There were probably around 20 visitors that evening - nice and pretty empty. Logos Hope's floating book fair boasts of over 5,000 titles - not only of Christian books but of general reads and bestsellers. My kids were ecstatic to find books of their favorite characters - Chuggington, Toy Story, Cars, Phineas and Ferb and even Littlest Pet Shop! The best part is, these books were selling for P50-P500! A real steal, compared to our local bookstores.

WOW! I was too excited. This is about the only photo I have of the bookshop. LOL! Seriously!
After the cashiers are bins of bargain books. Some of the children books in that bin only need a change of batteries.
Kids watching their coins go down the funnel tube. Nice way to get people to donate to their cause.
There were tons of Bibles and reference materials, cookbooks, Classics, Arts and Crafts books, etc. It will take half a day to go through their selection, or if you're like me, I'd spend the whole day there (if I didn't bring the kids, that is). After browsing and paying for your choice of books (we brought home a huge, heavy bag!), have snacks at their new, huge International Cafe! Unlike the old snack bar on the MV Doulos, you don't need to push your way to get soft serve and cookies, the cafe on the Logos Hope has tables and chairs. They also serve popcorn, juice, international sodas, chips and chocolates.

International Cafe on the Logos Hope. Don't miss their yummy soft serve ice cream!
Juice, cookies, popcorn, ice cream, chips, chocolates for sale.
Nice and spacious!
Kids corner at the back where your little ones can play and mingle while you have a cup of hot choco.
According to the GBA Ships website, this is Logos Hope's first-ever visit to the Philippines since it was first launched into service in 2009. It is the biggest ship in the fleet (and the nicest one, I think). Previous visitors to the MV Doulos will be pleased to know that the bookshop is airconditioned, and is now located at the ship's lower deck. The downside to this is there is not much of a on-a-ship feeling, since the place is enclosed. Nice and great field trip, nonetheless.

Cheese! From Logos Hope! - RL
A posing with Logos Hope in the background.
RL's stash - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Follow That Hat Sound Book, P150;
Little Einsteins Preschool Skills Magnetic Wipe-Off Book, P200;
Little Einsteins Christmas Wish, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Donald's Christmas Gift,
and Handy Manny's Sinko de Mayo, P50 each. 
RL's stash - Chuggington Poster Book, Chuggington Sticker Scene Story, P100 each;
Chuggington Storybook Collection, P400. 
RL's stash - Toy Story 3 Sticker Scene, Toy Story 3 Construct and Play!, P100 each;
Toy Story Story Book Collection, P300.
Still RL's stash - Disney Cars Around the Bend Activity Book with Tattoos, P50;
Disney School Skills Sight Words and Vocabulary, P200;
Disney Picture Dictionary, P250. 
Still RL's stash (I can't find A's!) - Play and Learn Work Book, P200; Thomas and Friends Surprise Ink Game Pad, P150.

Logos Hope will be in Manila until March 13. Then it sails to Subic and will be open to the public until April 8. Plan a visit before it leaves our shores.

Logos Hope is currently docked at Pier 15, Berth 4, South Harbor.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 1pm - 9:30pm 
Monday: CLOSED 

Donation: 20 pesos
Free entrance for children 12 and below, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Limited parking at South Harbor Gate 1. (Read: BRING A DRIVER to drop you off by the gate so you don't have to walk far).

For more information please contact or call Mobile Landline: (02) 296 6792.

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