Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts From the Field

A Valentine message from our friends at ARK - Advancement for Rural Kids.

Love, students of Dumarao 

PS. ...Last July, 3rd graders from Sibariwan Elementary School, to the surprise of their teacher, made adorable paper hearts. During the afternoon break, each of the kids gave one (or 2) to each of the four newly-arrived and jetlagged ARK visitors who were leading a full day of student workshops. We hope their art lifts your heart as they did ours. Thank you for your love and support! The ARK Team 

PPS. ...Look out for ARK's off-the-hook summer internship and fellowship opportunities which shall be available very very soon. Interested? Like us on Facebook and check out

ARK, or Advancement for Rural Kids, raises funds to: support school-based feeding programs, create after school initiatives and scholarships; purchase school supplies; and provide critical infrastructure improvements. ARK collects books, computers and other educational aids for school libraries for the use by the entire community. Their programs enable kids to stay in school, have better health, improve academically, and have a better future.

Want to help? Write to ARK at

Advancement for Rural Kids 
10 East 85th Street 
New York, NY 10028

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