Friday, July 20, 2012

Ice Age 4!

I had just purchased tickets to catch Ice Age 4 last Friday when I received a call from Eon inviting me to catch the next day's screening of Ice Age 4 at Megamall. I had initially declined the invitation, when after thinking about it for a minute, thought "what the heck", it's a cartoon and my kids are sure to want to watch it again.

I was wise to accept the invitation because A slept through half the movie. Poor baby, tired from a full day in school (She got left behind by her school bus because she had to take two make up quizzes. Yes, blame it on our vacay, sigh), she couldn't keep her eyes open. RL, on the other hand, took in the movie like a sponge.

Separation scene that scared RL.
I must point out that toddlers might find the movie a bit scary. RL clung to me at some parts (especially the part where the ground shook and split open, and Manny gets separated from Ellie and Peaches). He also hated the parts where the Sirens were on screen. 

So we all (three of us, as yaya went home to Bulacan to be with her kids for the weekend) trooped to Megamall to catch the sponsored showing of Ice Age 4 (in 3D, too!). I had an event that afternoon, so it was a nice payback of sorts for the kids who later had to endure a 4-hour talk about fire and emergency safety, hehe.

Thank you, McDonald's! A got to watch the movie in full, and RL got the chance to see it all again.


I don't know what it is about Hong Kong but each time I'm there, I come home craving for McNuggets. All the more for this recent trip. They had a Hello Kitty promo in Hong Kong, and had new McNugget Sauces. When we were there, they were serving Honey Mustard Sauce. Nom!

Had McNuggets with French Fries and Honey Mustard Sauce at Ocean Park.
So yes, this past week, I've been having McNuggets and Fries almost everyday. Hihihi. Oops, I know. You don't have to say it, I hear you loud and clear ("It's no wonder I'm fat"). But see, I have a good excuse. McDonald's has Ice Age 4 toys for their Happy Meal and I just had to complete the set for my little boy. AND... I found out that McDonald's still served Sweet N' Sour Sauce! And all this time I was settling for Barbeque! If you haven't tried their Sweet N' Sour Sauce, try it! It's a little bit of Hong Kong with your McNuggets, hehe.

Sid and my McNuggets & Regular Fries with Sweet N' Sour Sauce. 
Cute little fellas. 
This was the meal that completed our collection. Wish they had a Louis toy.
Catch all Ice Age 4 toys at McDonald's while they're still there! Don't let 'em drift away!

One toy with every Happy Meal.

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