Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Kitty and Ben10 - at McDonald's This Month!

Yea, yea, another post on McDonald's. This is practically the easiest thing to write about, as it doesn't involve much emotion or thought. My kids love McDonald's. We probably eat something from their store, at least twice a week. It is the easiest place to drive by, errr... drive thru, too, to grab a bite, as a store sits about a block away from the office (oh wait, make that two stores).

I was watching out for the next Happy Meal toy announcement on McDo's Facebook account, but then I guess they had to forego it to make way for relief posts, etc. So I was actually surprised to see that they had new Happy Meal toys at McDonald's Rockwell Ortigas, when I took RL for his Dengue NS1 test and CBC Wednesday night!

What a welcome treat to find these toys with our Happy Meal!
You got that right, folks - McDonald's Happy Meal has Hello Kitty and Ben 10 toys this month! Four toys each for your little boy or girl to collect.

The Hello Kitty Toys light up!

Light-Up Hello Kitty Toys for your little girl OR for you! LOL!
I don't really know anything about Ben 10, but RL sure was happy when he got these figures. He was letting them fly and crash all over the place.

Missing just one more from this Ben 10 series.
Catch these toys at McDonald's stores this month. Each Happy Meal comes with a toy. And a portion of each Happy Meal you buy goes to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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