Friday, December 6, 2013

Through the Years: RL on Disney Junior's Birthday Book

I've been sending RL's photo to Disney Junior Asia for more than a couple of years now. The goal is to get his photo on their December Birthday Book. The first year I tried, 2010, the post office either misplaced my snail mail or the photos didn't get to their SG office on time - never mind that I sent it months before December (August, I think that was). So the following year, I did the next best thing, I sent it via courier. Last year, they made it easier for us stage moms and allowed submission via email. This year, you aren't allowed to send it earlier than two months before your child's birthday, and you had to submit via their website.

A lot of my friends have been asking how to go about this (I am not alone!) so I am posting a quick explanation here.

From the Disney Junior Asia FB page:

"If you would like to see your children on Disney Junior's Birthday Book, simply submit the photographs of your children on Disney Junior's website and also provide us details such as the Child's Name, Birth-date, your email address, name cable operator and subscriber number. 

Submit your child's best picture today and your child could be seen on Disney Junior's Birthday Book! Hurry, you need to send in the photograph 2 months before your child's birthday month!"

Easy, you think? Here are some points to take note of:

You need to be a cable subscriber first. And your subscription must carry the Disney Junior channel. If your child gets to watch the channel at the grandfolks, then yes, go ahead and use their name and cable subscription number for your entry.

Photos must be clear (no blurred photos!), current, featuring just your child and must be at least 1MB in size. So don't try getting yourself in the picture. Disney Junior will not choose that photo with you on it. Hehe.

Don't miss out on the time frame. The submission per birth month is open only on the month two months prior. So say, you want your child's photo to come out on February's Birthday Book, you must submit the photo within the month of December. Miss one day after December and the app on the website won't accept your entry. Also, only the first 100 entries will be accepted.

Good luck!



And finally, this year...

Catch RL on Disney Junior's Birthday Book for December! Happy Birthday, Little Man!


  1. hi.. i juz wanna check what is subscriber number..? its not stated in the bill as subscriber number.. i called the starhub centre then a guy said is payment code.. can u email mi at or whatsapp 81835845 tq

  2. Hi, the subscriber number should be your Starhub Account Number. Hope that helps!

    ~ Kaye

  3. Hi, when will i receive the email from disney junior confirming my submission? my daughter's birthday is on june, so i've submitted the entry on 1st of april but i did not receive any email confirming my entry..thank you

    1. Hi, I am not quite sure why you didn't receive an email confirmation. Have you tried submitting again? Maybe you can try using a different email address? Or check your email's spam folder.


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