Tuesday, December 3, 2013

When Life Gets in the Way.

I guess you probably guessed that the last quarter of the year isn't exactly blogging season for me. A lot of things happen during this time, and I always find myself missing from the blog. Truthfully, as much as I want to get some writing done, something or someone would always get in the way.

It started towards the start of October, what with buying duties for the office, A getting Dengue, work overseas, meeting overseas, more buying for the office, the kids' family days in school, Christmas Sale at the office, R coming home, R leaving, R coming home again... You get the picture.

A getting her blood work done for the Dengue NS1 test, which later came out positive!
Work on Superstar Virgo for the Starfield gig.
Meeting with Hillsong in HongKong right when Yolanda hit the Visayas.

Family Day with the BentoMommas!

Today, I promised I'd get some writing done. But as I looked at that sheet of "Things to Write About", I felt I needed to get an explanation out first. Yes, the last quarter of the year will always be busy for me.

And no, I haven't had any Christmas shopping, what more wrapping and delivery, done. So far, I've only been able to plan. RL's birthday is happening next week, and already, I am stressing over how I'm going to get those Bento meals done for, wait for it, 25 people plus maybe one more (23 kids, 1 teacher, 1 teaching assistant and maybe the lady guard up front by the school gate). Just thinking about it is making me regret even texting RL's teacher that I was planning something for Monday.

Then all those parties. Did I mention I haven't done any of my Christmas shopping? I used to get about 80% done by September. Argh!

So yes, life is getting in the way, but do know I am thinking about you, readers. I owe you tons.

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  1. Would have loved to see those 25 bento boxes, Kaye! :) I'm sure RL was so proud of his mommah & appreciated all tour efforts. You're my hero. Ako nga ni 1 bento box hindi kakayanin ng powers ko haha. Ikaw 25. Imagine that! Mwah!! :-*


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