Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | Lunch Time Hoarding!

Actually, these photos were taken late afternoon, yesterday. But I figured it would be perfect for today - especially for those who work or live near Hi-Top. Hehe.

WERTHER'S ORIGINAL Caramel Popcorn; SALE P122.95

POPCORNERS Wisconsin Cheddar Whole Grain Chips; SALE P70.95

M&M's Peanut Butter; SALE P163.95

CHEWY CHIPS AHOY! Birthday Frosting Filled/ Oreo Creme Filled; SALE P185.95

MRS. FIELDS Nibblers Milk Chocolate Chip Fudge Dipped; SALE 139.75


DR. PEPPER 12 Pack; SALE P162.00

Apologize for the absence, was out of the country the past week. I will be back to fulfill my blogging duties in the next few days.

Happy Hoarding!

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