Thursday, March 19, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | SALE BIN - HI-TOP Q.AVE AND SOME...

So my brother asked me to accompany him to Hi-Top (again!) last night. I work very near the place, in case you were wondering. Hehehe.

Noticed a few more items on sale...

LADY LIBERTY Cheez Balls Original, SALE P39.50

LADY LIBERTY Ranch Tortilla Chips, SALE P44.75

ORTEGA Taco Shells, SALE P68.25

MOGU MOGU Juice with Nata de Coco, SALE 3 for P147.50

RAUCH Happy Day Apple, SALE P10.25 

SHAKE Dairy Alternative Chocolate, SALE P61.95

TRUCILLO Espresso Coffee Grounds, SALE P186.25 to P243.50

Meanwhile, at the Chillers...

AMERICAN HERITAGE Mild/ Medium Cheddar Blocks, SALE P86.25 - P88.50

Quezon Avenue corner Sgt. Esguerra Street
Quezon City

~~~ * ~~~

Anyway... last night, while in line for the cashier at the Express Lane, there were three parties ahead of us. Two of whom were ladies who had push carts. The first girl (second in line) only had a few items in her cart. The cashier took notice of her push cart and told her to transfer her purchases to a basket because it was, in fact, a BASKET ONLY line. The girl went to go get a basket.

Lady in front of me had two carts - one being pushed by her helper, and another one with her. The helper's cart had a basket with fresh items in it. While the lady had a cart full of groceries. Now, the sign that says we were at the Express Lane counter isn't exactly too small to spot. If you are a regular shopper at Hi-Top, you would know how strict they are when it comes to the Express Lane.

Believe me, there are countless stories on fights that ensued because of their Express Lane. One time, my brother even witnessed a fight between two ladies, one of which even threw a sayote at the other in anger.

So anyway, after much contemplation, I decided to be nice and helpful by telling the lady that it was an Express Lane. I didn't want her wasting her time because I knew she won't be able to transfer her groceries into a single basket.

K: "Miss, pang basket lang o." (pointing to the sign overhead)
L: (turns to her helper) "Ay, pang basket lang daw."

At this point, she turns back to me and says, "Ba't ka nagagalit?!!"

K: "Huh? Galit ako?"

I was caught by surprise. I know I carefully considered and reconsidered what I was going to tell her because I didn't want to come across as crass, nor did I want to embarrass her. And yet, there she was - angry and offended customer. According to her, I rolled my eyes at her. I keep replaying this scene in my head because I was consciously aware of how I wanted to be "nice." On hindsight, heck, I should have said what I said with a fake smile.

But really, do people ignore these signs thinking it is ok not to abide by rules? You have a whole queue of people with only a handful of items and yet, you so blatantly fall in line when the sign clearly says this line isn't for you, so to speak.

Next time, I shall reserve my "kindness" and leave the advising to the cashier. Me and my big mouth. Sigh.

Basa-basa naman kasi 'pag may time.

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