Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | HOME TOYS AT MCDONALD'S!

Note: I had written this post using my iPhone LAST WEEK. I couldn't upload the photos so I saved the draft post and made mental note to upload the photos once I get decent signal. Alas! I forgot about it! So posting this a few days late. Huhuhuhu. Oh well.

Yay! New Happy Meal!

RL and I noticed that a crew member changing the hanging tarp outside the McDonald's store near the office the other day. But on the drive home, they had switched it back to the old tarp featuring Adventure Time.

Today, however, I saw that they had finally changed the tarp and the NEW! Happy Meal features toys from the new DreamWorks movie, HOME!


Can you spot Momma? LOL!

Needless to say, Momma drove thru to buy a couple of Happy Meals. I wasn't so sure if RL would be as excited about the toys. Looking at what they were offering, it looked more like these would be perfect for toddlers and not RL's age group.

Meet Oh and Oh. Hehehe.

McDonald's Philippines, may I suggest that you include the drink options of Hot Choco or Milk with the Breakfast Happy Meal? My son wants another breakfast drink option aside from the Juices. I don't let my kids drink soda, and they only have the occasional Iced Tea. Or... Maybe... Since parents are usually the ones buying (and eating) these Happy Meals on the drive to and from work, how about allowing us the option to have coffee with it? 

Anyway, catch the DreamWorks HOME toys at a McDonald's store nearest you! Get one with every Happy Meal you buy. Collect all 8!

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