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#HoarderDiaries | BEST.SLEEP.EVER.

I think I have the most erratic schedule for a full-time working mom. Truthfully, if there is one thing I would do when I am granted a day off, it would be to sleep. My mom has been bugging me about my weight, and as much as I want to lose my unwanted pounds, it is pretty difficult given that I do not get the required number of snooze hours at night to burn all that fat. Not that I eat like a cow. I am very careful about what I eat, BUT... because of age and a slower (huhuhu) metabolic rate, I find it really difficult to lose weight.

Ok, I meant to talk about sleep, and not weight. But you do get what I mean, no?

Here is what my sleep schedule looks like:

My usual weekday sleep sched.

Now, you can junk this schedule altogether on days when I have Bento Catering.

I think the problem lies in falling asleep. I have insomnia, or at least I think I do. Even on days when I am really, really tired, I don't fall asleep early. I've tried everything - resorting to ASMR videos on youtube (Maria of GentleWhispering is the best!), buying new down pillows (since the ones in hotels seem so comfy), getting a head massage before bedtime, drinking hot milk, reading, playing Carrot Fantasy over and over again...

I do fall asleep somehow, but I usually wake up with a headache, or a kink in the neck. Sigh.

So anyway, two weeks ago, RL and I got invited to attend a Tempur event in the heart of BGC. The invite actually came with a tub of popcorn (sorry, the kids devoured the popcorn before I could take a photo), as it indicated that it was also going to be a movie night (with the kids!). A had homework so she decided to stay home.

I must admit that I wondered what it had to do with Tempur. I was floored upon reaching the tent where the event was held.

Our Tempur "theatre" | Photo from Creative Juice.

Yes, think lounge but not with sofas or lounge chairs! This one made use of Tempur beds! TEMPUR BEDS!

Now if you haven't tried lying down on a Tempur mattress, I suggest going to the nearest Tempur showroom and have a feel of what it's like to lie down on one. It is heaven!

RL enjoying our Tempur Cloud mattress and the Tempur Breeze Pillow.
The bed is so soft and fluffy - feels like you are cushioned literally by clouds!

They say, once you have tried sleeping on a Tempur mattress and pillow, you will realize that there is no comparison. The material they use for Tempur conforms to your exact body shape, thus reducing discomfort. That means, all your body does once it hits Tempur material is relax, relax, relax. I must admit, I was skeptical at first because I've tried different types of memory foam mattresses and pillows (my last purchase was a memory-foam gel-type-down-feather pillow that promised all sorts but failed at all points) to help with my sleep problem (or lack of sleep, that is). So when I tried lying down on the Tempur Cloud, I must say that I wanted to forget the movie and just sleep.

Forgive the candid photo. That's me lounging on the Tempur Cloud, right before the event started.
Photo from my "roomie" Thammie Sy.

Research Data says adults need at least
7-9 hours of quality sleep.
Did you know that our bodies need a minimum number of hours of quality sleep in order for it to heal itself? Our bodies work overtime as we fall into deep slumber. Now remember my sleep = weight loss story at the beginning of this post? The body was designed to metabolize food the most when it is asleep. Moreover, our bodies not only burn the most fat when we're asleep, it also repairs damaged cells during this time. When we don't get enough sleep, our bodies deteriorate.

As adults, we need at least 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep. By quality, that means, sleeping then driving then sleeping again don't count. I guess I have to find a way to sleep more.

The difference between a regular mattress and that of the Tempur is that the Tempur contours to the unique shape of your body. It gives you the kind of personalized support you need while you sleep. Have you ever felt numbness and discomfort after a full night's sleep? The culprit is your mattress and/or pillow!!! Yes, that kink in my neck! Plus oftentimes, I wake up feeling extra tired. It must be the mattress - we've had it for the past 14 years! With Tempur, you are guaranteed a good night's sleep. It gives you full support while your body repairs itself during the night. Tempur sure knows what your body needs. After all, it has earned itself the number one ranking for "overall customer satisfaction" and "overall quality of sleep".

This year, Tempur celebrates 10 years of providing Filipinos with better sleep solutions and comfort! To mark its 10th year, Tempur introduces Tempur Breeze! It is Tempur's latest technology that gives us a fresh, new way of sleeping. With its revolutionary Tempur Climate Material, Tempur Breeze optimizes the micro-climate around your body as you sleep. It allows ideal sleep temperature by "removing relative humidity around your body, coaxing you into a deeper, more relaxing slumber." That means, with the NEW Tempur Breeze, you can say bye to pawis and sticky snoozing. All Tempur mattress types have been made available with the new Breeze technology. You can get the regular Tempur ones or the Tempur Breeze ones, depending on your needs. In the Philippines, because of our humid climate, the Tempur Breeze is more than ideal!

These TEMPUR Matress Types are now also available with the NEW! Tempur BREEZE technology!

RL and I enjoying our Tempur Breeze Pillow and Cloud mattress for the night!
No sticky feeling even though we were technically outdoors and too close for comfort!

"Mommy, can we take this bed home?"

The story behind how Tempur reached our shores is what drew me to conclude that Tempur is a product that works. Over 10 years ago, Stephen Sy of Focus Global, Inc. decided to bring in Tempur to the Philippines because he experienced how it gave him a good night's sleep. Nothing like believing in your product because of firsthand experience!  

Tessa Prieto-Valdez, our host for the night, with (from L-R) Nesim Majkoub, Regional Director for Tempur,
Stephen and Loli Sy of Focus Global, Inc., exclusive Philippine distributor of the Tempur brand. 

Anyway, RL and I, together with other moms (and dads) and their kids, got to experience the Tempur Breeze difference that evening! We watched a special screening of "How To Train Your Dragon 2" while relaxing on top of different Tempur Breeze mattresses.

Cai and Y in foreground; others in the photo totally taking advantage of their Tempur beds!

Thammie and her girls, A and M, enjoying their King-sized Tempur Original!

Achi A and RL trying our the Tempur Cloud.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Soon enough, the night was over and we had to go home. It was a fun and memorable date night for me and RL - we even got to take home our very own Tempur Breeze pillow! Woohoo!

Hello, good night's sleep!

Two days after the event, RL tells me that he dreamt we had a Tempur Cloud bed. It was so soft in his dream, just like the one we had that evening. He loved it so much, he promises to "buy" himself one when he saves enough money. Haha!

Soon, my dear. SOON.

Let me tell you something, though. I have been having the BEST.SLEEP.EVER. since getting and using that Tempur Breeze pillow. No kidding. Ask the folks at the office. I have been coming late to work for two weeks now. Oops! Haha, seriously though, my head has been cradled like a baby by my Tempur Breeze pillow. It is literally the best.

Goodbye, headaches and kink in the neck!

I have discovered what it takes to have a good night's sleep.


Visit their showrooms at the following locations:
SHANGRI-LA PLAZA MALL | Level 5, Main Wing; 631.1391
GREENBELT 5 | Lower Ground; 728.3015

DESIGN CENTER OF CEBU | P. Remedios cor. AS Fortuna, Mandaue, Cebu; 032.520.9888/ 239.7605

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