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Yes, friends! It is happening again!

McDonald's is celebrating National Breakfast Day! Now on its third year, McDonald's is sharing the goodness of a McDonald's Breakfast by giving away FREE McMuffins to the first 1,000 customers per participating store.

Remember last year and how RL was first in line for those McMuffins? Well this year, National Breakfast Day is happening on Monday, March 9! Mark those calendars!!!

"Through the National Breakfast Day, we are once again giving Filipinos, along with breakfast lovers around the world, a delicious reason to wake up to better mornings and better days ahead. All these start with a good breakfast, which McDonald's serves to millions of customers daily," said Kenneth S. Yang, McDonald's Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer.

This year, I am extra excited because according to McDonald's, we can avail of the FREE McMuffin even via Drive-Thru (PLEASE NOTE: limited to two McMuffins per vehicle). Yes! That means, I don't have to stand in line while waiting for 6am. I can just fall in line while seated comfortably in my car - after bringing A to school (we leave the house at 530am, and I am usually back by 6 - just in time for that FREE McMuffin).

In case you don't already know, the Egg McMuffin (the star of National Breakfast Day) is my fave breakfast sandwich ever (the limited-time-only Chicken McMuffin with Egg comes a close second, too bad it is no longer available). Last week, this hoarder got a special treat - my friend Cai and I got an exclusive peek into how the Egg McMuffin is made!

Showing off our hairnets (for Monet!) before the tour!

McDonald's prides itself with its commitment in ensuring they use only the highest quality ingredients. Their safety practices are top-notch! We took the tour with a McDonald's Quality Assurance Officer who made sure we weren't in the way of the breakfast crew, and that we learned how much care they take in preparing our fave fast food dish!

Here is how the iconic Egg McMuffin goes from the kitchen to the warmer, then eventually to your order tray and tummy (omnomnom!)...

DID YOU KNOW: The McMuffin story started in 1970, when a legendary McDonald's franchisee named Jim Delligatti, who was still fresh from his success in developing the Big Mac, began experimenting with simple breakfast items to bring more business during breakfast hours. 

Toasting the muffins. They have to be the right toast color each and every time. 

Perfectly-toasted and buttered English Muffins ready for assembly!

McDonald's ensures that McMuffins (and everything else they offer) are prepared fresh and made with quality ingredients. We were witness to how each ingredient is carefully inspected and cooked, making sure each sandwich you get is at par with McDonald's international standards. Your Egg McMuffin here should taste exactly the same as any Egg McMuffin around the world.

Fresh Grade A Eggs from Bounty Fresh ready for cooking!

Waiting for the eggs to cook...

All the ingredients are cooked by a person assigned to a station. Once cooked, the ingredient goes into a warmer where it is kept for a specific time period or until it goes into your sandwich or meal. Once an order is received, it is time to assemble the Egg McMuffin! Yes, each sandwich is made to order!

Please excuse the blurred photos. The person in charge of assembly is an expert and we couldn't ask him to slow down during peak breakfast hour. Hehe.

Hot Buttered and perfectly-toasted English Muffin and an American Cheese slice.

A perfectly-cooked egg goes on top of the cheese. Then we add the lightly-grilled Canadian Bacon!

Plop! How perfect does that look? Mmm...

All done!

Ready for customers!

DID YOU KNOW: The McMuffin as we know it today came in late 1971 on the vision of Herb Peterson who modified an Eggs Benedict sandwich. He combined a slice of cheese with a hot egg, producing the exact consistency he was aiming for. Peter also invented the "Egg Ring," a creative cooking utensil to form the eggs in the shape of an English Muffin. He complemented the egg and muffin with grilled Canadian bacon to create the now iconic sandwich that has made McDonald's a favorite breakfast destination.


Know more about the Egg McMuffin, check out the video below!

Now, don't you just want to get your hands on an Egg McMuffin? Don't miss the opportunity to get it for FREE! Grab your Egg McMuffin from a McDonald's participating breakfast store on the 3rd National Breakfast Day!

MARCH 9, 2015
Starts at 6:00AM 
(until 1,000 McMuffins have been given away per store) 


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  1. We had planned on lining up at a McDonalds near us for the free McMuffin but we got lazy to get up. Haha. I always order Egg McMuffin when at McDo for breakfast. :)


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