Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Leaf!

Hello. I am Kaye, and I am a hoarder.

Yes, folks. Transitioning to a new blog title - Hoarder Diaries. If you guys know me, or if you have been reading this blog from way back, then you know why I am switching to this blog title.

But. The new header and blog logo are still under construction. Please expect changes to take effect in the coming weeks (or so). My little brother is still helping me out with the artwork, so it might take a short while, because we have a number of events happening this month.

Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you, before you start hearing about it from others. Yes, the fat lady sang, and the First Wives Club Blog's curtains are now closing. In the meantime, I am retaining the blogspot address, until such time I iron out my domain.


Hoarder Diaries. 

Welcome to the newest chapter in my life.

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