Friday, January 8, 2016

#RILEYunboxes | Snoopy Happy Meal!

RL spent most of the Christmas holidays at my mom's place. Now because KY has been vlogging, this has inspired RL to make more videos. When we got our complete Snoopy Happy Meal set, he was adamant that we film an unboxing video. He also made me promise to edit and post right when we finished filming. Now because my net connection at home has been intermittent (I swear, Globe must think it is amusing that their connection is in theme with the holidays - on and off like blinking Christmas lights!), I had to wait 5 hours to get this uploaded to YouTube.

Anyway... the Peanuts Movie starts showing in Metro Manila theaters today. While I promised RL we will watch, I am not sure where to fit that right in. My schedule for the weekend is packed! What with three parties, plus the kids' exams coming up. Oh well.

Over the Christmas holidays, McDonald's started selling their Snoopy Happy Meal - something that got all of us excited because we are Snoopy lovers. There are ten toys in this Happy Meal! In the following video, RL describes and demonstrates each toy. Don't forget to hit "Like" and subscribe!

Catch #SnoopyHappyMeal at McDonald's while you can! Get one toy with every Happy Meal you buy!

You know you want it.

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