Monday, January 27, 2014

3-2-1! Voila! 1-minute Microwaveable Cake!

I've been wanting to try this out ever since I saw it shared on lifehacker. And for days, I have been wanting that quick fix, to no avail (only because the grocery store next door doesn't sell imported cake mixes!).

So yesterday, while waiting for church to start (we were in the area early), I decided to grab a few essentials from Unimart. I was all too eager to try this out, but had to wait 'til today. See, I no longer keep a microwave oven at home. Our old one (one I got for a wedding gift) is now in the office pantry.

Anyway, back to that cake craving and the quick fix, here's what you need in order to make yourself a quick and easy, moist, hot cake out of the (uh...microwave) oven in less than 3 minutes.

Get two packs of Cake Mix. One has to be Angel Food Cake. You can use any other cake flavor for the other pack. I chose Red Velvet. Mix the two cake mixes together and store in an airtight container. I separated my already-mixed mixes into three pint-sized ball jars. That way, I don't have to bring everything to the office (and risk everyone asking for cake, LOL).

Once you have that mix, it doesn't take much to make yourself a single serving.

From top: 2-in-1 Cake Mix in a pint-sized Ball jar, my Worship Generation mug, a tablespoon and water in a cup.

3 tbsp Cake Mix
2 tbsp Water

1. In a mug, mix 3 tbsp Cake Mix with 2 tbsp water.
2. Pop in microwave oven and cook on High for one minute.
3. Cool a bit and enjoy your cake.

Optional: You may top with frosting, whipped cream and/or fruits.

Put 3 tbsp cake mix in a mug.
Add 2 tbsp water.
Mix well. Make sure you get the mix by the bottom edges of the mug.
Ready for the microwave oven!
Microwave on High for 1 minute.
Be sure you cool your cake (and mug!) a bit before topping with frosting, cream or fruits.
Excuse the blurry pic. I was too excited to top my cake with whipped cream!
Et voila! Cake! Omnomnom!

So easy! There ARE days when you just have to forget about that diet. Haha!

Enjoying my red velvety angel food cake at work. Mmmm...


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