Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No-Wilt Cilantro (Guaranteed!)

I'm cooking up a Bento Giveaway (more like a pre-giveaway to a grand BentoMommas Giveaway), but need a little more time to gather prizes. So while we're waiting for that post, I thought I'd share this quick tip I learned over the Christmas holidays.

My daughter A and I are big Cilantro (wansoy) fans. Whereas my siblings cannot even tolerate it in Chinese dishes (or any dish - how sad!), A and I are in-love with this herb! Anything with Cilantro is omnomnom for us - even the ordinary noodle soup gets plus points with a few sprigs of chopped Cilantro!

So anyway, we've been having a hard time keeping cut Cilantro fresh. I mean, we buy a bunch and they are sure to wilt within 24 hours. We've tried every single tip like keeping the roots soaked in half an inch of water, wrapping the bunch in newspaper, keeping it by the ref door, etc. Name that tip, we've tried it - to no avail. If the leaves don't wilt in a day's time, they should keep for a couple of days max. Wrapping it in paper AND keeping it by the door seems to extend its life for a few more days - only they dry up and not wilt. But then, what good is Cilantro, if not fresh? 

Right before Christmas, one of my bffs from work invited us over for Christmas dinner. While there, over good food and stories about our kids and office politics, I learned this special trick that keeps Cilantro fresh for weeks! 

And you know what? IT WORKS!

Now, if you own a supermarket or a vegetable stand, and want to keep those sprigs fresh... you should try this!

Get a bowl or reusable food container, and soak those sprigs in about an inch of water (depends on how much fresh Cilantro you have). Keep in refrigerator. That's it.

So that's how you keep them babies alive!!!

We've had these for over a week, maybe two. And they're still alive!!! I've probably wasted hundreds of pesos on Cilantro alone - throwing the unused and wilted sprigs after a day. This is going to save me money (and trips back to the supermarket!). Thank you, R and J for this great tip!

Don't forget to change the water every other day!

Now why didn't I think of that? 

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