Thursday, October 30, 2014

#LOOK | 2014 McDo Coke Glass Collection!

The McDo Coke Glass Collection is back! This year, McDonald's brings you something classy with the 2014 Coca-Cola Modern Glass Collection! Available in six different patterns - diamond, linear, mosaic, pixel, ripple and steel - the new Coke Glass is only P25.00 with every Extra Value Meal purchased at McDonald's.

I took my dad out to lunch on Tuesday, right on the very day the NEW! Coke glasses were launched at McDonald's. We each had the NEW! Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe Extra Value Meal (omnomnom!). If you haven't tried this new burger, you are missing out! It is perfect!

Dated my dad for lunch!

My officemates and I always look forward to McDonald's annual tie-up with Coca-Cola. Did you know that the Coke Glass campaign at McDonald's is already in its 7th Year!?

"The Coca-Cola Glasses are a much-awaited tradition among McDonald's markets across the Asia Pacific, especially in the Philippines. We are very thankful that our Filipino customers continue to be excited to collect iconic Coke Glasses every year," said McDonald's Philippines President and CEO Kenneth Yang. "The Coke Glass campaign, which is already on its 7th year in the country, is a testament to the strong partnership of McDonald's and Coca-Cola, here and around the world, as both companies continue to connect with customers by injecting fun into everyday experiences," Yang added.

Yes, Mr. Yang, we are hoarders! Hence, we are always excited to collect these special collectible. Hehehe.

The perfect McDonald's meal with my Diamond Coca-Cola glass. Burp!

Don't miss your chance to complete this year's Coca-Cola Modern Glass Collection, available only at McDonald's! What's more, you can get the Coke Glass with purchases of the BFF Bundles and Breakfast Extra Value Meals as well!

The Coke Glass is available at all McDonald's stores nationwide via Dine-In, Take-Out, Driver-Thru, McDelivery (8-MCDO/8-6236 and and thru the McDo PH App, all day, including breakfast hours!



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