Thursday, February 11, 2016

#HoarderDiaries | VALENTINE'S GIFTS AT S&R!

I promised myself that Valentine's Day this year would be different. I am planning to start a Day of Hearts tradition for my little family - something they'd practice in the future with their own kids. See, I do not wish for them to wait around for someone to make them feel special on this "holiday". Whereas some kids have fathers who make it a point to date their kids, especially their daughters, before they actually go out into the world and date for real, my kids' father is currently MIA. So nope, this year, this Momma will make sure to date the kids - Valentine's gifts and all.

After picking A up from school today, we rushed to S&R to do our groceries. I needed to get temporary dining chairs because two of our old ones recently broke. Timely, too, because I had wanted to check out what S&R was offering this month.

We were greeted by plush toys and chocolates. Oh yes, Valentine's Day!

While at the store, I was thinking of that Valentine's Day Resolution. And vowed to come back to get that plush A had wanted. There were a lot of choices!

20-inch Oliver The Monkey Plush | SALE P299.95

8.5-inch Pretty Kitty Plush w/ Sound | SALE P249.95

I LOVE YOU Cylinder Cushion | SALE P249.95

22-inch Love Bear Plush with Lights and Music| SALE P999.95

14-inch Bouquets of Love Plush with Music | SALE P419.95
Their cheeks actually light up! 

30-inch Hugging Gorillas Plush | SALE P1,599.95

These micro-bead pillows caught my attention! I have been looking all over for a portable pillow I can use during my weekly massage. These are perfect! Makes lying down flat easy.

Mogu Support Hole Pillow | SALE P999.95

For the travel junkies, they have really, really nice neck pillows.

Mogu Portable Neck Pillow | SALE P999.95

Mogu Neck Pillow | SALE P999.95

For those needing more than neck support, here's a nice back support pillow!

Mogu Back Supporter Pillow | SALE P1,499.95

And look, they also have nice Valentine-themed micro-bead pillows! Perfect as gifts for your special someone! I think my daughter A would appreciate these.

Mogu Lip Pillow | SALE P1,099.95

Mogu Heart Pillow | SALE P999.95

If you prefer giving out sweets, here are perfect chocolate boxes and packs. Now here's a gift I am sure RL would appreciate!

Valentine's Assorted Cupid's Mix | SALE P499.95

Valentine's Hearts Assortment | SALE P349.95

Almond Roca Heart Tin | SALE BUY 1: P499.95 or BUY 2: P799.95

Lindt Signature Collection | SALE P799.95

Gran Party Assorted Praline | SALE P349.95

Kirkland Selection Chocolates of the World | SALE P799.95

Look! It's back!

Kirkland Selection Macadamia Clusters | SRP P899.95

Member's Selection Milk Chocolate Almonds | SALE P580.00

Now this Candy in a Jar is the perfect gift for teachers! S&R also has a promo for this so that bulk purchases are easier on the wallet!

Cavendish & Harvey Sweet Hearts Candy | SALE BUY 1: P149.95 or BUY 2: P199.95

Valentine-themed Sugar Cookies | SRP P99.95
So pretty! And good!

I also spotted Snoopy umbrellas! Now that's one gift I'd love to receive! Hehehe.

Snoopy Umbrella | SRP 479.95

Peanuts Umbrella | SALE P479.95

Then of course, here's a perfect Valentine's deal at the deli!

For more deals, check out their February mailer below!

Click on photo to zoom!

I am going back today to get those gifts for the kids. And to those wondering, yes, I got to buy my chairs... plus a little more. Hehe!

Happy Valentine's Day! And Happy Hoarding!

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  1. It's good you started this tradition. I came from a family na big deal ang valentines.

    My dad used to go to our schools (me, shoti, mama, kasi teacher) and interrupt class to give us flowers and chocolates infront of all our classmates!Until college yan.

    That made us feel really special and parang we didn't feel the need to have bf/gf kasi Andyan si papa. So yan family tradition namin.

    Ay name pala ng Tatay ko Valentino kaya pinanindigan.

    1. Ang sweet ni Papa Valentino a! You are blessed tp have a loving dad who shows his affections. Parang dad ko, late bloomer. Haha! Pero bumabawi!


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