Saturday, February 27, 2016

#MommaDiaries | SHOO, ALLERGIES!

We just finished another round of antibiotics - the potent KLAZ. My little boy was once again diagnosed with a sinus infection (it runs on both sides). At the ENT Clinic, Dr. Flor had to suction his nose out, and I was told RL had so much, it took a while to clear his sinus. Sigh. It is allergy season, and my little boy has been sneezing non-stop.

And it doesn't end there. He is also prone to sore throats. Every time he'd eat chips or a choco bar without chewing it properly and chugging down a full glass of water right after, he'd automatically get a sore throat. This of course translates to a bad cough, then colds. And he'd be on the nebulizer for a week, fosho!

Sigh, poor baby.

Dr. Flor recommended a humidifier so RL can breathe easier at night. Luckily, we recently acquired a Crane Humidifier!

Mya the Monkey Humidifier from Crane, SRP P2,799.75

Humidifiers are handy as they help loosen nasal congestion. It also is known to help ease dry coughs, soothe itchy dry eyes and skin, prevent nose bleeds and helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. Yep, a humidifier is exactly what RL needs!

She matches my bedroom fixtures! 

I've always been if-fy about humidifiers - as much as I need a product to help with allergies, eczema, etc., I really, really dislike those bulky and noisy humidifiers that are difficult to use and clean. But what convinced me most about the Crane brand is that it is very easy to use AND clean. The Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier does not require a filter, and is easy to fill, wash out and refill. It has a one gallon tank that runs up to 24 hours! Plus it has a safety feature that automatically shuts the humidifier off when the tank is running empty. I love it!

Watery eyes early this week.

We've been using our little monkey (RL's nickname for our monkey-design humidifier) for a few weeks now, and so far, no more nosebleeds for A, and RL hasn't been sneezing in the mornings. We stopped using it for a while (A needed to use the table for a shoot, and the nanny moved the humidifier from its spot), and earlier this week, RL's allergies became so bad, he had watery eyes. It was so bad, his right eye was shut, and we initially thought it was a case of conjunctivitis! Alas, after two nights with the humidifier, his eyes are now okay.

Other styles from Crane.
The black one in the center is a Digital Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier with ionizer!

My friend Didi has this Train Humidifier! So cool!

I also love the fact that the humidifier keeps my eczema controlled. It keeps the skin moisturized such that there is less itching at night. Did I mention already that I love this product?

The Crane Humidifier retails from P2,799.75 to P3,499.75. Check out S&R as they regularly have Crane Humidifiers on sale.

Some Crane Humidifiers on sale at S&R this month!

Aside from the regular-sized cute Humidifiers, Crane also has a handy Travel Humidifier that makes lugging this handy. The Travel Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is great for offices, dorms, hotel rooms during staycations and travel and other small spaces. Aside from its wall plug attachment, it works with a USB, too!

The Travel Humidifier retails for P1,899.75.

Crane products are exclusively distributed locally by Keywest Internationale, and are available in S&R, Rustan's, Toys R Us, Babyland, Lazada and direct from

Thanks to our Crane Humidifier, we can finally say goodbye to allergies! Shoo!

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