Saturday, February 27, 2016


Two weeks ago, Monde launched their second Mamon-It-Yourself six-pack, this time with the Kung Fu Panda theme. The BentoMommas are quick to sniff out anything bento-related. BentoMomma Monet first spied the packs when she went grocery shopping right before anyone announced it on social media. Cool beans!

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RL loves Mamon, so we quickly went searching for this. We didn't get to take a video of the previous Minion ones, because A would scarf the stuff down. This time, we made sure to film an unboxing video before his big sister got her hands on everything (although she did manage to eat a whole pack, good thing we bought two! Yes, she is a growing teenager with a huge appetite, LOL!). We filmed this at 11PM, hence the PJs. Excuse the cat meowing in the background. Louis has been very DQ lately. He is getting neutered next weekend. Hehehe.

Get a pack of Monde Mamon from leading supermarkets and Mamon-It-Yourself! The Kung Fu Panda theme is extra special for us because A especially loves pandas! So RL made sure we got these more for his big sister than for himself. I know, he's a thoughtful little boy. I love these kids!

Hurry and Mamon-It-Yourself while they're out!

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