Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Daddy on the mobile phone. Well, on the pretend mobile phone.

ok, so i was watching season three of grey's anatomy last night, when alexa came in the room talking on her fake mobile. t'was the one from Mickey D's and at first it didn't seem extraordinary, but then when i decided to pay attention, i noticed she was actually pretending to be talking to rey...

a: daddy, are you in america? daddy is lost?
(waits a while, i suppose she was pretending to hear R's response)
a: why don't you call A, daddy? you are very 'ritating! (i am thinking that she meant irritating since she's been hearing this word from me a lot lately, especially when she plays her gameboy and its irritating sounds so close to my ear)
a: come home now, daddy. A wants to sleep already and A is on the show in nick'lod'on dancing with sam, the one in high school musica'. i said come home, ok?
(pauses a bit)
a: ok, i will sleep now. i love you! i love you! daddy, i love you!
(she then turns to me)
a: wala na e. daddy closed the celphone.

i looked at her and she gives this exasperated look. she turns and leaves the room and yells at her nanny for milk. she later comes in, gives me a smile... gets in bed, hugs me then she kisses my shoulder and says: A misses daddy. i love you, mommy, goodnight.

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