Saturday, July 7, 2007

When Discouragement Comes

i suppose that when one is drawing closer and closer to God, the devil double-times and tries to discourage you and pull you away even! yes, discouragement came today, in a form that i would not even imagine. but i am not discouraged one bit.

the book i am reading says that once we are born again, the Spirit of God lives in us. in fact, God IS in us, and His Spirit dwells in our hearts. therefore, we have the power to cast the devil and his demons away. we can tell that darn devil off! i have a verse in my head that says: I will wait on the Lord. He has given me strength and courage! and so... yes, may evil depart from me, because i will not be won over by discouragement, even if the sky is dark and the horizon looks bleak. God wants this victory even more than i do, SO I WILL WAIT ON THE LORD AND HIS PERFECT TIME.

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