Friday, July 6, 2007


the other night, as i was tucking A in, we had the following conversation...

mommy: A, do you love mommy?
a: yyyeeeessss!!! (hugs me tight)
mommy: how much do you love mommy?
a: (thinks to herself for about 3 seconds) uhhhh... 20 pesos?

:P hehehe.


edited at 6:42pm - i just had to add this...

i called A at about 530 this afternoon and asked her what she was doing...

mommy (on the phone): A, what are you doing?
a: i'm coloring Hello Kitty on the coloring book...
mommy: ah... ok... do you miss mommy? do you want mommy to come home already?
a: (gives a deep sigh) but mom-meeee, the moon isn't working yet!!!

i suppose she meant that the sun was still up and that i should only come home when it's already dark, but haha... what a way to exclaim her opinion no? i just love how innocent she is! :)

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