Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Break

The days flew by now, didn't they? We're down to our last 2 days before Christmas, and the hustle and bustle doesn't seem to end. A and I went shopping (again!) yesterday, and stayed out 'til way past midnight. I am finally done with my Christmas list (although my brother insists that I will never get done with it, just so I'd have an excuse to shop some more)!

The past weeks' schedule was packed to the brim. And the next coupl'a days are no different. We're heading out to the "homeland" on Christmas Day, so we need everything ironed out before that happens. The last time I was "home" was back in September, and we all know what ruined that vacay. Harhar.

The baby turned one two weeks ago. No party this year, but maybe a joint party for him and A early next year. Pays to be practical, especially since expenses on a single income is no joke. R didn't even bother showing up for his son's birthday. No gift either. Which says so much about his kind. He called to greet him, but yea, whatever. I expected less, in fact, so he didn't disappoint. He now sees the kids on an average of once a week, 10 minutes tops. I don't know why he even bothers. It's not like 10 minutes will give you quality time, especially when all he ever does is nag about this and that.

He came over Sunday, and gave A a gift for Christmas. A, being the impatient not-so-little girl, opened her gift as soon as she saw it under the tree and found two 100-peso plush toys from the Tiangge. Although she appreciates even the simplest gift (she loves the 10-peso stalls over at the ilog in Marikina and in Tutuban's Night Market), she took one look and asked out loud why her dad asked her what she wanted but got her something she didn't even want (she gave him a list of options). "Maybe he doesn't have enough money", I said. "But Mommy, he has new shoes!", A retorted with a frown. Trust a disappointed kid to notice details.


I know I promised a contest for Christmas, but I have tons to do before I leave, so I will post the new contest when I get back.


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