Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is a Time to Love.

My thoughts have been with R the past few days. Not because I want him here with us for the holidays, but because I was wondering if he has once again lost touch with God. It seems that way. So this morning, as he got ready to leave for his parents' place (he visited the kids), he asked where we (the kids and I) were celebrating Christmas. So I named the hotel where we're supposed to have Christmas Dinner with my dad's extended family.

Then around 4pm, R calls home to ask again. I initially thought nothing of it until tonight, when of all people, who do I see, but her. Yes, I came face to face with the one.

My thoughts quickly took a U to my earlier conversations with R. So I gave him a call and asked if he was at the hotel as well, and told him who I just saw. He yells at me (curses even) and tells me to stop bringing up the past. Well, I was just wondering. :P

So it could've been coincidence. But I so wanted to go up and introduce myself. But thought better. ;) Besides, Christmas is a time to love. Love your enemies, God says in His word. So yea, I chose to let it pass. Consider it my Christmas gift to you, yes you. I know you read this blog. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. Dang it!! If i were you i would slap her from cheek to cheek and tell the people "She's one of my husband's Slut" Then walk away as if nothing happened. Who cares if its Christmas Kaye? Slapping that slut is nothing compare to the pain that she caused you and the kids.And your husband, shame on him cursing you. Sorry i think you are too kind those people doesn't worth your kindness at all.

  2. Enemies are here to stay and the best that we could give them is love. I admire the way you handled the situation but I know the pain you felt when you saw her because it brought back bad memories...memories better left forgetten.

  3. Ang maganda at matalino palaging talo ng malandi. I've heard this so many times. But winning in what context? It is when your ex is gray and faded that he will realize he lost a diamond while playing with dusty pebbles.


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