Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Life.

So the holidays came and went. Mighty fast, I must say, with no brouhaha or the like.

Christmas was spent outside of the country (homeland!) with 16 other people (A included). I became tour guide to a group of relatives and close family friends. And for the first time in a long time, I flew with PAL again (well, not counting the provincial trips I took this year... I meant, overseas), which was really disappointing with the flight delays especially on Christmas Day. We wasted our day, I tell you. We spent it in airports. Blah.

But the short trip out was fun. We got to bond with cousins and friends. A and I had the special dinner buffet at Disneyland with sisters J and N. The spread was super delish! It was an experience worth the price (around 1,200pesos converted).

We didn't tell R we were leaving for the holidays. So he was quite disappointed to find the house empty on Christmas Day. My mom took the baby out with the family, so it was just the old nanny, her kids and her mom at home. :) Well that's what he gets for not being in his family's life, right? You miss out on inside info. Ha!

My folks had us stay with them at a nearby hotel for New Year's, so the new nanny (the old one had to leave since she has two little ones under two now) had her first taste of hotel living (well, for one night since she left for her day off the following day). With all the buffets that happened, I must say I need to include DIET in my resolution - "that, or get pregnant again...", my best friend J says. LOL. O.o Yea, right... pregnant with whose child? Funny.

My mom brought up the issue of getting an A several times over the holidays. "It puts you in the position of really moving on," she argues. Well yea. So I guess this means things will finally happen in 2010.

Yes, things are looking good. Looking up and looking good. Everyone I met up with over the holidays asked me about how I was. I think the smile and the carefree attitude says it all. I feel great. Can you feel my heart beating? 2010 is gonna be MY year. I've staked my claim.

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