Saturday, January 30, 2010

Too Late

"She reminds me of you."

Those were the words you used to describe her when you told me about her 5 years ago. So no, don't tell me you liked her for who she is or was. There was something missing there that you just had to find. Too bad it wasn't uniquely hers. For in her, you took comfort in knowing she was somehow like me. Alas, she still isn't me.

You missed the chance. The boat has sailed. You should have said something back when it was just you and me. Not now. It can never be.


  1. Good for you! Better journeys ahead, Miss K.

  2. Hi Kaye, I chanced upon your blog thru FP, and I certainly feel for you. I really admire your strength for leaving your husband.

    I, too, have been in the same situation and I agree that a wife does not get paranoid for no reason!

    My husband got close, when I was pregnant, to one of his girl classmates from high school who was known for chasing married men, a total homewrecker at that! I was never comfortable with the idea of him getting close to her and before i know it, the girl's brother insinuated in facebook that the girl and my husband are having an affair.

    i hope i will have the strength one day to leave this very toxic relationship since he has already cheated on me too many times. and yes i still do believe in miracles, but i guess i've had my chances.


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