Saturday, January 23, 2010


I've recently had to re-prioritize my life. What gave me the wake up call? Well, my daughter A recently failed her math and language exams. Yes, her two favorite subjects. Why so? Well, aside from the fact that the new puppy distracted her, she was just sooooo out of it.

So early this week, I had a talk with A's homeroom teacher, and we discussed her personal talk with A, who, by the way, appears happier nowadays. According to Teacher M, A told her that she has accepted the fact that her father no longer lives with us, and that he will probably never come back (now, how sad is that?). But that sometimes, she thinks so much, her head hurts, so she sometimes decides not to think at all. But she understands that I love her and that I work so hard for her and her baby brother, but if she had a choice, she'd rather have me around all the time.

Ah, the perils of single parenthood! Here I was, working my butt off to provide for my kids, and argh, I forget that physical presence is still key over anything else. So, I am back to the drawing board. I promised myself I will have to let go of the sidelines that take too much time away from the family. :( God will take care of us!

The post stayed in my drafts folder for over two days before I decided to cut it short and publish it. I must admit, it got too long for my preference, and by the time I decided to cut it short, I lost all the other points I still wanted to add. But yea, please don't take my post out of context. We all know that Kris has a past. But let's not miss the point here: James overlooked that past and married Kris. The issue is about him (what's a safe word?) accommodating friends of the opposite sex. The issue is about the present. Not the past.

So let me reiterate: A person is always welcome to change for the better. I would love for R to change his ways. But it is not in my will or power to do so. A person has to decide on his or her own to change. But yes, change for the better is always a good thing. So whatever happened in Kris' past, or in anyone's past, has nothing to do with the present (well, if indeed that particular person has let go of the past). I can only think of the word consequence when it comes to past haunting the present (in other words, Karma). But again, no one deserves to be cheated on, especially by a spouse who promised to love you 'til death do you part.

I have been looking all over for Baby Puff Cereals. Gerber has it in their Graduates brand (to think I used to be brand manager for Gerber when we still handled their local distribution) and so does Happy Baby Organic. But waaah, these aren't available in the Philippines! I bought a lot the last time I was in Hong Kong but my little boy loves the stuff so our stock ran out fast. I went to Healthy Options the other night but their organic cereals are for older kids and those take too long to melt in the mouth (choking risk). Thank goodness I found a Multiply seller that sells the stuff locally. The downside is, they're pretty expensive, given that she imports it on her own. :P If you find any on your end, please leave me a comment to let me know? Thanks!

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